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How the 9 types of intelligence can help you navigate life

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligence focuses on people's ability to learn in 3 ways people learn: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetics. There are 9 types of intelligence that will help you understand and embrace your individual uniqueness.

Our current educational system is a factory created to produced obedient and predictable employees. Leaving no room for encouraging our individuality or self-awareness. Being different is human nature and necessary for evolution. I believe it to be the root cause of our unhappiness. Until now, there has been no system created to support our differences. Understanding that it is ok to be different and your "difference" is not a reason to feel isolated.

"When a man no longer confuses himself with the definition of himself that others have given him, he is at once universal and unique" - Allan Watts

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

This is the ability to think logically, analyze and come to a logical conclusion. Logical intelligence is associated with mathematics and is also one of the two intelligence that the IQ is based on. This is an intelligence that is genetically inherited but can also be a learned trait.

Characteristics: Problem solvers, Interest in puzzles and strategic games

Careers: Accountant, Bookkeeper, Scientist, Computer analyst, Economist

Famous personalities: Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins, Bill Gates


Interpersonal Intelligence

An ability we all possess, the difference is how well developed this trait is. Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to relate to and understand and the actions and motives of people. People are often drawn to these people to seek advice.

Characteristics: Helper, Humble, Inquisitive, Delegator, Communicate well with others

Careers: Managers, Supervisors, Counselors, Public Relations, Social Work

Famous personalities: Bill Gates, Mother Theresa, Ronald Reagan


Intrapersonal Intelligence

A trait I believe to be the key to happiness. This is the ability to be self-aware. This intelligence allows you the ability to decipher your own motives and desires.

Characteristics: Help others figure out their own feelings, goals, and motivations

Careers: Entrepreneurs, Counselor, Psychologist

Famous personalities: Albert Einstein, John Lennon, Anne Frank


Musical Intelligence

The ability to hear and recognize use rhythm and patterns to learn. People with this intelligence tend to think in terms of patterns. Very sensitive to rhythm and sound.

Characteristics: Use patterns to remember things, Seek patterns in their environment

Careers: Music Teacher, Songwriter, Musician, Singer, Music Producer

Famous personalities: Michael Jackson, Ludwig van Beethoven


Naturalistic Intelligence

The sensitivity to nature and the world around them. People that excel are typically interested in growing plants, taking care of animals, and studying animals and plants. Ability to navigate the outdoors without maps or GPS.

Characteristics: Considered having a Green Thumb, Passion for animals, Empathy for the environment, Great sense of direction

Careers: Zookeepers, Biologist, Gardeners, Veterinarians

Famous personalities: Charles Darwin, Jacques Cousteau, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Steve Erwin


Bodily-Kinesthetics Intelligence

This is the ability to use your entire body or parts or the body to solve problems.

Characteristics: Expression through the body, Enjoy creating things with hands, Ability to understand how to use their body to reduce stress

Careers: Athletes, Dancers, Mechanic, Carpenter, Physical Therapist, Surgeon

Famous personalities: Michael Jordan, Simone Biles


Linguistic Intelligence

Possess a heightened sensitivity to the spoken and written language. They have the capacity to use language to accomplish certain goals

Characteristics: Remembering written or spoken information

Careers: Author, Journalist, Lawyer, Curator, Speaker

Famous personalities: William Shakespeare, Oprah Winfrey


Visual-Spatial Intelligence

The ability to recognize and manipulate the patterns of wide space.

Characteristics: Ability to Visualize everything in their minds, manipulate 3D objects in their mind, Navigate, would be great at Rubik Cube, inherited but can also be a learned skill

Careers: Graphic Artist, Interior Design, Pilot, Surgeon, Architect

Famous personalities: Frank Lloyd Wright, Amelia Earhart


Existential Intelligence

The ability to question life, our existence, purpose and why we die. Sensitivity and capacity to ask deep questions.

Characteristics: Abstract and Philosophical thinkers

Careers: Philosopher, Author, Poet, Theologian

Famous personalities: William James, Søren Kierkegaard, Peter Wessel Zapffe


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