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Why positive male role models are needed

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If a boy has never experienced the male presence, how does a boy become a man?

Why are Positive male role models needed?

I lived most of my life without realizing I was missing the most vital aspect of my life. Ever since I can remember I was not only told, but forced to be something I was only given an image of. And this image came from my mother, sisters, and all the other women I came into contact with within my life. Never once was I able to speak to another man or even be able to reference from any other male figure outside of what media presented.

My unfortunate circumstances eventually worked themselves out, but the time it took to unlearn everything that I thought to be the make-up of a man, only resulted in lost time. That time could have been spent perfecting my craft and becoming a better version of the best version of myself today. Education is the only knowledge being passed down to our youth, without the morals, dignity and support that our ancestors had once provided for centuries through their knowledge and wisdom.

My life and experiences are no different than most young men raised in a single-parent household, I was lucky enough to escape under my own willpower. My experiences also allow me to correlate the young me to the reason for so many of our young black males being so far behind.

Truth is, and it reflects in what I see going on now, is that little boys have been raising each other for quite a few generations now. While I was there I found nothing troubling or out of place because my situation represent the majority of everyone I knew in my environment. The same as not knowing I was in poverty. Seeing is believing, and for a young man to never see anything different, the answer to the problem is literally that simple. Give them something positive to see show them purpose beyond what a business wants them to see.

What defines a man is lost is speculation and replaced with an image of an employee whos value is only based on his contribution to a corporation. Money does not make a man nor when in reality men have always evolved through time. Barbarians relied on strength, but in the era of technology and corporate greed our men must strength is 80% mental and 20% physical. Our leaders are supposed to lead us away from that same burning building that MLK mistakenly led his people to.

What I have learned through life is that a Man is disciplined. He Possesses the ability's to control his sexual urges and understands that his life comes second to his purpose. Money comes with success but is not the driving force behind his decisions. A man's protective and providing nature should not be viewed only through the mating and spreading of dominant DNA, but of one that allows him to build his people. He understands his power lies within the strength of numbers.

This may have been the case thousands of years ago, but this system has broken our people. Whatever the truth was then, it is not our reality now! A man's strength comes in his ability to adapt to any situation. It's OK to not have known what a man was then, the question is what do you do with the man you know now. If you are still reading me running on with my thoughts then you understand more than most. You understand the importance of having the future you in your past self's life.

Very few of us are strong enough to endure and prevail in a life that is designed to render our true strengths powerless. But we are the ones that cannot afford to sit back and watch our communities set ablaze. It's easy to turn a blind eye but doing so would only tear you apart inside as I'm sure it has done to all of those in the past who shared the same similarities.


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