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Profit over Public Safety - Dangers of the Social Network

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The Social Network

My perspectives in regards to the Facebook Whistleblower come from an individual that has managed to avoid all social media, so I have always been on the outside looking in. As an individual not jacked into their server, I have observed the impact it has had on my community and on almost all of humanity. What I envisioned as a tool that could bridge social divided and provide countless business opportunities, has become a force that has intensified the social divide and set the bridges on fire, only the businesses have prevailed. With the most recent discovery, I would like to believe that the cat is out of the bag, but this is not the first time "we the people" have been warned.

Without breaking down the Facebook Whistleblower situation, I must point out that this type of information is not new. Social Dilemma was a documentary in which the tech experts explained the dangerous impact social media has had on humanity. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend watching it with an open mind. The main piece of information I was able to gather from this documentary was how their algorithm is used to create addicts, but I never look at anything for face value. Peeling back one more layer, you will find the disgusting companies scurrying around like roaches feeding off the defenseless. Social media has become the drug dealer, whose position is to keep their clientele hooked by intentionally causing dopamine highs in the likes of a dope fiend, while the Major Corporations act as the cartels, making sure they supply the product.

Aside from their focus on controlling their consumers through the release of dopamine, the tech experts explained how Artificial Intelligence was programmed to learn your patterns and exploit emotions to make a sale. This leads us to the current findings of how they have targeted teen girls, which has been obvious to me, as I have witnessed this recent infatuation with BBL’s, Lip injections, and their desire to have a perfect body. This has also resulted in the older women instinctively compete with their competition in the current market as they fight for social attention and more likes. Damage has been done across the spectrum but even more so to the young girls and their developing minds.

Not only is there a direct correlation between social media and the increase in depression, but these social media platforms have been programmed to create these emotions. A depressed individual will spend money on items that they have been marketed to believe are there to make them feel better. Social media is being paid to allow companies to destroy these young girls' minds for a profit.

This is not to be taken lightly and should have been a cause for a mass exodus of the social network. But remember, they created drug addicts, and as a drug addicts the need for that dopamine rush, they have been accustomed to only grows stronger. Their tolerance for the level of dopamine release has only fed other avenues of attention-seeking and approval, leading many of the young teens to other platforms such as Only Fans. Lessening the chances for these young women to enjoy any sense of normalcy in their future life as they are exposing themselves to a world not meant for many, but this has become the norm.

I apologize for digging so deep into a situation that I am positive will result in a slap on the hand, a few adjustments and then it's back to the races, but this whole social dilemma is way more serious than the majority of us can even imagine. We are in the "Woke" era, yet it seems impossible to identify a wolf from a sheep. We have allowed outside influences to convince people to enjoy the destruction of their own families and communities, while they break their back to support those that view your life based on the amount of money being spent with their establishment. I am an advocate for change so I decided to list a few questions you must ask yourself:

  • How can your mind imagine anything if the majority of your free time is being spent receiving images created to sell a product or drive a narrative?

  • After learning that social media is creating addicts, do you take the first step to recovery by admitting?

  • Have you ever heard a song that you hated, but after the hundredth time, and found yourself a fan? (be careful of branding strategies)

  • Are you willing to limit your time spent on social media?

  • Do you view yourself as a leader or follower? (If a leader, do you understand that social media's advantage is mind control)?

The social network is a dream bigger than those in control could have imagined. They not only have the access to every consumer with a phone, but they have the major social media platforms working with them to control everything from your identity to how your time is spent. Never forget who and what you are up against, unplug yourself from the network, and take back control of your life! Do not allow greedy businesses to rob you of the one thing that money can not buy, your life!


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