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What is a Life Coach?

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

What is a Life Coach?

A Life Coach is there to help you clarify goals, identify obstacles and help you strategize a plan to get over the hurdles.

Why are they important?

What I have been able to gather from my experience and observations is that the importance of Life Coaches and Mentors has not been expressed enough. Wisdom comes from time and experience and knowledge is passed down. Part of our human nature's to help others, not only because it creates a sense of purpose, helping others is key to our survival.

Our current system is intentionally designed to be a one size fits all solution for work and career, with very few resources available for building on our individual foundations. I believe that finding your self-image is no different than building a house. If you build a house on a weak or faulty foundation it is bound to fall. The problem I see is the choice of materials we are choosing to build from, it's almost like we are choosing to build a house with the same deck of cards we were told we have been dealt.

This is where I find value in those of us who have walked different paths in life. Each path created produces a unique experience that will always be interpreted differently. And it's from those interpretations that begin to write a story opposite of what's considered reality. For the majority of us, we have yet to write any valuable content in our own books simply because we have been occupied reading what others have written.

My story is unique to most, shared by many, and should be viewed by all as an opportunity to evolve as human beings, and together as a society. Our purpose is not to round out our edges, it is to embrace and develop your set of skills and apply them to the betterment of society.


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